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Peng Wang
Born in China
36 years
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chengyu shi 本是同年级,相去何太急? June 14, 2012
我和王鹏不是很熟悉,但是我们又有那么多的相同地方。同年入清华,同年本科毕业,硕士毕业,甚至都在“石门山庄”照过像,甚至在2001年我们都在Troy, NY,并在这斯人逝去的一年都在康州。原本我们的生命轨迹有很多重合,为何君去太急? 留在世间无限的惆怅。

鹏友 June 8, 2012
Carolyn Wang Brilliant Mind, Beautiful Person March 21, 2012

Eulogy by Winnie Kung, 2/18/2012


Good afternoon, Ran, Wang Jun, Wang Han and honorable guests.  I appreciate the opportunity to share a few of my thoughts and memories of Peng.  I’ve known Peng for about two and a half years through the Tea Time group, which is a group of Chinese professionals who meet monthly discussing various topics of interest.  Peng impressed me as one of the brightest and most open-minded intellectuals.  He’s always interested in whatever topics being discussed.  He was most remarkable in that being trained in the field of science, he presented on topics related to contemporary Chinese history based on his own study.  He shared topics like the major historical figures at the end of the Ching Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, and on the abolition of the national scholastic exam system used to select public officials.  To me, Peng is the exemplar of the finest and the broadest mind who embraced the wealth of what the Eastern and the Western civilizations could offer.  Culturally, not only did he immerse himself in contemporary Chinese history, but he also kept abreast of the social and political issues in American society.  A couple of times he sent me editorials and articles from the New York Times and asked for my thoughts.  He was always inquisitive and concerned.


As a person, Peng was a caring friend, often reaching out to stay in touch and lend support whenever necessary.  He was also a devoted husband and father.  As Ran relayed, he actively participated in household chores and in the care of Carolyn.   No doubt he was a proud daddy: I still remember the pride in his face as he introduced Carolyn to us through Skype and commented that she looked a lot like him.


At tragic events like this, many of us may be thinking “why do bad things happen to such a good person?”  Many world religions have tried to answer this question on the problem of suffering throughout human history, but many people still find them less than convincing.  I don’t think I should make any attempt here.  However, I can only say that I did see a lot of good that came out of this bad situation.  First, the strength that Ran displayed was incredible.  Beyond the initial shock, she was able to regain herself and dealt with all the issues that needed to be dealt with.  She handled with the clearest mind and asked the most relevant questions as we went about seeking lawyers to represent Peng in the lawsuit on his wrongful death and on the funeral arrangements.  She continued to be the tender caring mother to Carolyn, and reached out to support and encourage her parents-in-law in China.  She is a remarkable woman.  I can only say, “Peng, you took a very good pick for a wife.”  Among our friends in the Tea Time group and others from various current and previous connections, the outpouring of loving care and tangible support was enormous.  I felt that this tragedy really brought out the best in us.  It also showed how much he’s loved by his friends.


Still, one would ask, what good does this do for Peng with a promising life cut short?  It is again a hard question to answer.  Being a person of faith, I can only share this – I’ve heard people comparing our transient stay on this earth as a short play trip in the garden.  It is fun, sometimes challenging, but nonetheless lovely and beautiful.  But there comes a time when one has to go home.  About a year ago, on a brief internet chat with Peng, he asked me to share my spiritual journey since he missed our meeting in which we had such discussion.  I said let’s do it later when we had a chance.  The chance never came, and it’s now one of my deepest regrets.  However, Ran told me that although Peng had not subscribed to any particular religion, he believed in and was open to God.  He just didn’t know which one to put his faith in.  I believe that Peng would be greeted with the same open embrace as he meets his Creator on his journey home.  What is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.  I do believe that he is now resting, rejoicing and at peace in his heavenly dwelling with his Creator.


Finally I want to say a few words to his family in Chinese:


张颖 一路走好 February 19, 2012

刘军 同学 February 18, 2012
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